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Wood Flooring Fitter in Bournemouth

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

There was once a time when carpet was by far the most popular form of flooring in UK homes. And while the warmth and comfort underfoot provided by plush carpets ensures they’ll remain a staple in home flooring for years to come, laminate and wood flooring is increasing in popularity. As fashion trends fluctuate, laminate flooring in particular has become sought after due to its clear and minimalist style and contemporary look. The Feature Flooring Company Ltd is a carpet and flooring fitter which specialises in wood flooring Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. We offer an extraordinary service at all times.

Here at Feature Flooring we’ve fitted over 6000 floors in the last 11 years, and this number is constantly growing day by day. This means that we can answer any questions regarding the benefits of wood and laminate flooring as alternatives to carpet.

Wood and laminate is much easier to keep clean than carpet, as dust or dirt can simply be mopped or brushed away. This saves homeowners the cost and hassle usually involved with having carpets periodically cleaned by a professional service. Our experienced team can create floors which are either strikingly modern in style, or conversely draw upon rich traditional themes.

Wooden flooring
in particular offers numerous benefits over carpets, such as its natural warmth and homeliness and astonishing hardwearing durability. Both laminate and wood are also both stain and moisture resistant – essential for larger families and those with children.

Our aim is to exceed our customer’s expectations which is why we take care of every single aspect of fitting wood flooring Bournemouth , such as removing and reinstalling furniture, preparing the area properly and clearing away thoroughly. For wood or laminate flooring from a fitter with a sterling reputation, call the friendly team here at The Feature Flooring Company Ltd.

Wood Flooring Suppliers In Southampton

Monday, June 28th, 2010

There has been a surge in the popularity of wooden flooring in recent years, primarily due to its suitability for almost any room in the home and its low maintenance requirements. It is the perfect option for those with high powered jobs who simply don’t have the time to spend hours vacuuming, and it is equally ideal for families with small children and pets. Whatever the reason a homeowner is looking to invest, we at Feature Flooring supply and install a wide range of quality laminate and wood flooring Southampton.

Experience has told us that the requirements and budgets of our clients vary considerably – whilst some will be happy to spend large quantities of money on solid wood flooring, others will be looking for a short term and cost-effective solution. For this reason, we supply a wide range of wooden flooring options, including laminate for those on a slightly tighter budget.

Whatever a client is looking for, they can rest assured that our dedicated team will provide a high quality service every time. We pride ourselves on our tailored flooring services, which include safe and reliable installation. We take the care of our clients belongings very seriously and always follow these steps;

-    Carefully remove any furniture (we prefer our clients to move any light, breakable items like ornaments)
-    Remove existing flooring
-    Secure loose floor boards
-    Install new wooden flooring
-    Re-instate any furniture

Once the installation process is complete, our team will leave you in peace with a room that is ready to be enjoyed.  For further information about our wood flooring Southampton supply and installation services, feel free to browse our website. If you would like to see the choice of flooring that we have to offer, visit our showroom in Southampton.

  • 1. We will move all your furniture for you.
  • 2. And your existing floor coverings.
  • 3. Secure loose and squeaky floor boards.
  • 4. Choose from a comprehensive range of beautiful carpets.
  • 5. All the off cuts and old floor coverings will be taken away.
  • 6. Doors trimmed to fit your new carpet.
  • 7. Your room will be left ready for your immediate enjoyment.