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Our company specialises in supplying and fitting a wide range of laminate flooring, wood flooring, wool carpet, 80/20 carpet, manmade carpets and polyprop carpets for our clients based in Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole and Winchester. Each type of flooring is fitted by our fully trained and professional floor fitters who have gained many years of experience in the industry. Our fitters always ensure that each job they complete is carried out professionally, efficiently and to the latest British standards.

Getting a new fresh carpet fitted can be done in seven easy steps without the nightmare of clearing your room in preparation. We will arrange to visit your home and show you our wide range of carpets for you to make a selection. Our expert carpet fitters will then move your furniture out of the way, then remove the old floor covering and dispose of it safely. Once we have done that, we will fix any loose or squeaky floor boards if you have any or level the concrete floor ready for the new carpet. The next stage will be to fit your carpet and our carpet fitters will make sure it is thoroughly installed and trim any doors to fit the carpet if needed. Finally your new carpet will be hoovered and furniture will be moved back so your room will be ready for immediate use.

All of this can be completed for not one penny more than the cost of an empty room, and comes complete with a 3 year fitting guarantee plus the satisfaction of a 100% money back fitting guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

We also offer a wide range of floor coverings to choose from including laminate and wood flooring if you prefer not to have carpet fitted. Before we fit the flooring, existing carpet, floor coverings and grippers will need to be removed but any vinyl tiles can be left to provide insulation. Floorboards will need to be fixed down and concrete floors will need to be hoovered and evened out using a self-leveling compound. When this has been completed, our floor fitters will have to remove the doors, trim the bottoms to allow for the new flooring and cut the door frames and other obstacles, which might get in the way. Once obstacles have been cut down, the underlay will be fitted and then the laminate or wood flooring boards will be layed down, starting at one side of the room and working across to the other side. After the floor is fitted, we will hoover it so it can be used straight away.

Our carpet fitting service is carried out by our fully trained and professional carpet fitters who have experience to fit carpet into all types of rooms. This service includes moving furniture, removing the existing carpet & disposing of it, fitting a new underlay, gripper, laying the new carpet and then cleaning it before use.

Frequently Solved Carpet Fitting Problems

The delivery men really struggled to get my sofa into my lounge, I don’t really want that again, what can we do?
Not a problem, this is one of our most common issues, we can leave a certain amount of furniture in the room, and just move it from one end to the other.

Can I use my existing under?
It is recommended underlay is changed with every new carpet. If your underlay is underlay 7 years old, and was of a decent quality to start with, we could possibly re-use it. There may also be a possibility of moving the existing underlay around so that an unused section under the sofa, could be moved into the walkway. Anything over 7 years old, in high traffic areas will almost definitely need changing, but the decision is yours.

Do I have to have underlay at all?
We have a selection of carpets that have built in underlay, in the form of felt backing, this is the new foam back, and can be fitted with or without underlay.

I can feel loose floorboards under my carpet, does this matter?
Yes, it will show through your new carpet. These must be fixed down or repaired, but this is something we can do for you.

My mother would like new stair carpet but has a stair lift, is that a problem?
No. We have worked around several stair lifts before, it isn’t a problem.

My furniture will not fit anywhere else, but I have a large patio door, can it go in the garden?
Yes, we will put the old carpet on the patio to protect your furniture feet, and cover it with dust sheets.

My daughter wants the old carpet; can it be removed in one piece?
We normally cut the carpet in to strips and roll it up into the van ready for disposal. If you want the carpet saved, you will need somewhere big enough for it go, rolled in one. This isn’t a problem for us.

Will my doors rub the new carpet?
Due to the superior quality underlay we use, this could result in doors rubbing our new carpet, however our service includes door trimming, at no extra charge.

I have a surround sound system, can you run the wires under the carpet?
Yes we can, but if the wires have been previously loose laid on top it is surprising how much more cable you need to run the wires around the edge correctly. Make sure you have enough wire then this is not a problem.

I have heard you have bleach cleanable carpets, what does this mean?
Basically you can clean your carpet with bleach!, I have tried it myself as I didn’t believe it. You can use neat bleach but we would recommend diluted bleach, purely due to the smell!, It will clean marks from your carpet, without taking the colour out.

My furniture left indentations in my old carpet, is there any way over this?
No, however the new PU foam underlays will help to reduce the crush, but there will still be indentations in your carpet.

I would have to take a day off work for my carpet to be fitted, is there any way around this?
Yes there is, we can fit your carpet on a Saturday for you, at no extra cost.

I have a door mat at the moment that is worn out, can you fit a new one?
Yes no problem at all.

  • 1. We will move all your furniture for you.
  • 2. And your existing floor coverings.
  • 3. Secure loose and squeaky floor boards.
  • 4. Choose from a comprehensive range of beautiful carpets.
  • 5. All the off cuts and old floor coverings will be taken away.
  • 6. Doors trimmed to fit your new carpet.
  • 7. Your room will be left ready for your immediate enjoyment.
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